Our Philosophy

Gea bakery is the only Greek company specializing in the production of fully differentiated gluten-free products. Our food products are entirely free from preservatives, ready-made flour mixes & GMOs.

Our products are baked with our very own original recipes & hand-picked raw ingredients. At Gea bakery we believe that the key to a modern and healthy diet is Mother Earth and this is why our brand name derives from the ancient Greek word Gaia / Gea, meaning Earth.

In Greek mythology, Gaia along with Uranus were the two primordial divine beings from whom all life sprung. To this day, Mother Earth, life-giving and caring, is the source of healthy dietary solutions that meet the increasing demands of our times. Nutrien-dense and gluten-free, all Gea bakery products are ideal dietary solutions for people with coeliac disease.

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Certifications - Milestones

All Gea bakery products are certified by the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) and are licensed with the Crossed grain trademark (CGT). Our food production unit, licensed by the National Organization for Medicines, is awarded with an AA rating by the BRC food safety and quality management system.


Gea bakery products are ranked as A in the NUTRI-SCORE nutrition label. Our white chocolate chip cookies with belgian Callebaut chocolate have received the international ITQI Superior Taste award.


What we offer

Gea bakery offers a range of baked and frozen gluten-free products of premium quality and taste, designed to meet the modern demands of every food professional and satisfy their clients' dietary requirements.

Food professionals will find among our product codes tasty options for :


-All day

-Dish Creations

Are you interested in finding out more? We will be happy to hear from you and inform you about the unique products we design for you and your customers.


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