Our Company


Gea bakery is a company with a strong commitment to healthy natural food.

Our bakery production unit is 100% dedicated to gluten free food with one significant difference: We make gluten free bakery products from natural ingredients, based on delicious Mediterranean recipes. No chemical preservatives are used. All our ingredients, all our products are gluten free certified.

At Gea Bakery we believe that gluten free nutrition should not be nutrition for the restrained but the way to healthy, tasty nutrition for everyone.

We all live in an environment that worsens everyday as a result of the exponential growth of technology that affects the air we breathe and the food we eat.

In this aggravated environment, we believe that the least we can offer to ourselves is the access to healthy basic nutrition consisting of natural food with no need of food chemistry.

At Gea Bakery we have a strong commitment to natural food. Food consisting of pure natural ingredients with no interferes of food chemistry. This is our belief. If you share the same belief as we do, we will be glad to supply you with the best quality bakeries so that you and your family can enjoy genuine healthy food. And you will tell the difference in our taste.

Your comments and opinion will be valuable to us.